Even if you are based in the South West of France, do you travel elsewhere?


Definitely! I love to travel for my personal pleasure but also for the many photo shoots I have.

It would be a great opportunity to meet you in some beautiful places anywhere in France or abroad.


What is your equipment?


As a collector, I have a lot of cameras.

During wedding photo shoots, I use 2 full frame digital cameras and professional lenses. I also use different sources of light for more creative touch. All the pictures are saved automatically on a dual support to avoid technical problems.


How many weddings do you photograph a year?


No more than 15 weddings. Why? There are 2 reasons:


* The first one:

I want to make myself available for my clients and be involved in their wedding organization.


*The second one:

photography is first and foremost my passion. I’m passionate about the people and of course the craft! It’s important to me that it stays a passion and doesn’t become routine. I really want to continually feel amazed and share this feeling with you through my pictures.


How long is a wedding photo shoot?



I want to deliver you a complete memory of your special day. So I usually follow you throughout the whole event, at minimum 7h and up to 13h.


How do you define your style?


I see life in color, and like to play with creative color palettes and framing.

Your pictures will be a mix of photojournalism, emotion and fun. But most of all they will be the perfect and unique testimonial of your wedding day.

Do we have to make a wish list of the photos we want taken?


I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years now, so by now I have a pretty good idea of what I should photograph ;-)

So no need for a shot list, but sometimes a little guidance on group photos makes sense.

We’ll talk about all those details before your wedding day, so that you can fully enjoy the event.

We would like to meet you, but we are far from France, and Arcachon, How can we do?


A majority of my clients aren’t local, and I usually suggest a first meeting via Skype.

It’s the best way to meet you and take the time to serenely prepare all the details together.


What is your price range?


Each wedding is unique and special.

So I focus on the first contact to understand precisely who you are, your needs, and the logistical details in order to adapt the best solution for you and make your wedding photos amazing.

Notes : I offer the possibility of 5 installment payments at no extra charge.

How do we have to book you?


When you have made your decision to select me as your wedding photographer, I send you a contract that you send me back (signed) with a 30% deposit.

That simple process books definitely your wedding day.


What is the delivery time ?


I won’t let you waiting too much. You’ll receive your wedding’s pictures within a month.


Are you insured?


As a professional, I am.


Tell us more about you? What do you like?


I’m down-to-earth. I love my children: a daughter and a son.

I like to travel, hang out with friends. I do like surfing in 30°water. I don’t take myself seriously.

Actually, I like a lot of things… but hopefully we will have time to know each other better…

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